Early Christmas

IMG_1686  My husband let me pick out my Christmas present this year…..and I have been eyeing a new Bernina….just didn’t know exactly which one.  The one I have been using I bought 21 years ago.  I hate to part with it…but it has gone rouge.  It just randomly jumps out of the mode it is in, stitch changes….sometimes it even jumps into a zig zag.  With that said, I did just finish up a bunch of isolette quilts and it sewed beautifully.

BUT now I am home and using my new machine….love it!! Auroura 430.  It has a few bells and whistles…but mostly not.  I just want to piece and quilt….so wasn’t looking for any embroidery features or fancy stitiches even.  My friends have those fancy embroidery machines and do beautiful work….me- I buy embroidered towels or shirts.  LESS STRESS THAT WAY.  (sometimes I even get one as a gift -thanks Ellen (she made me a beautiful towel last year).

I don’t even have to wait till Christmas to use my new toy. Wow….win win there. (Plus my husband is not stressing over what to get me).

Hope you all get some Christmas presents that make you happy too!

Merry Christmas!



2 thoughts on “Early Christmas

  1. JoAnne

    What a cool gift! (I missed a few of your posts but just got caught up. I followed you, but forgot to add you to my list–done now.) Let me know how it is going. I’m still in love with my 1080 which I got in 1996.

    1. moeblue Post author

      Hey JoAnne. I replaced my 21 y.o. Bernina 1260 ….it was going rougue. But I loved that machine. This one is way faster….and smoother though I have to admit!! I thought about getting the 1080….but still wanted the computer easiness…..anyway….VERY happy.


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