Other options

I have been wanting to make my daughter some pj bottoms out of this great flannel. I have had them almost done now for weeks….(she arrives tonight and of course I am just now finishing them!!! )
So why is it when they were almost done…in my mind I had them done!!!
I do the same with my quilts. I get the tops done, make a binding….and put them on a shelf for a while….thinking they are done? Odd.

Anyway, I am not much of a seamstress but I like the option of making something besides a quilt. All it took for me, was to meet a very talented lady (Sue Larson) who LOVES to show me how to do things….I am a lucky person !
Aren’t friends the BEST!
Here’s hoping you all get to enjoy your friends MORE in 2013! ( I know that is on my list!)

Wait…..what list….I seem to lose those things…….


3 thoughts on “Other options

  1. moeblue Post author

    Mom: “E, come take a look at my blog, I’m so excited to show you! Oh wait, look away quick…oops well that’s your Christmas present.”

    Thanks Mom.



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