Christmas gifts gram

Isn’t it fun when you get to pick out things….like Christmas gifts for yourself? I got a new machine this Christmas as my 21 yo Bernina died. I bought another Bernina…the Aurora am already happy with it….is sews so nicely.
This stack of moda fat quarters also was under the tree….yeah….think i will start using some of those little prints.
One of my friends, Kim , gave me a great pattern with applique that could use some of these i think. Am traveling next week and need a hand project. Hoping to get this started today or tomorrow.

My husband gave me one of those sticky pads….but twice the size….and YELLOW. Unfortunately for me, I have ALREADY lost the pad….it must be buried under some paper or fabric. So my “using lists” resolution might have to be reinstated for 2014!!!

Hope your 2013 resolutions are going better than mine, and you are enjoying some friends…..


2 thoughts on “Christmas gifts gram

  1. JoAnne

    I’m drooling over the fabric. I’m glad you like the new machine. I still won’t upgrade mine until I absolutely have to. It is only 17 years old, though.

    1. moeblue Post author

      I was against getting a new machine….but it would have cost more to fix my machine that was worth it at this point….plus….it was time. It had given up doing anything but a straight stitch and even that was getting sketchy! Hard to sew when the machine doesn’t know what it is doing!!! (But keep yours going as long as you can!!! )
      I was envying your trip to Williamsburg….a favorite of ours.


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