bag gram

I have been making these pleated totes. As a matter of fact, I make one a day now, since I first tried the pattern. It is so much fun, and an easy pattern. I have some great fabrics in pieces just big enough to make these….and I have put more combinations together than I have time to make!!!!
I have two great friends who have taught me so much about making bags….Sue Larson-who patiently taught me how to put a zipper in also….and Ellen Huntley-who much to her encouragement, has me even using pins! Those two ladies are great teachers. And, when I make a bag with either one of them….theirs turns out just PERFECTLY. Mine, is more “puffy” or usually has “more personality” than there’s. But no worries. I am not discouraged. I am encouraged. I just so enjoy the process of constructing one. (Mind you, I still never use the pattern/directions.) I think I am direction challenged. Oh well…lucky for me, my teachers just LAUGH at me….and we go on with the project.
Let me add a few more photos to show you my “personality” bags….I am just loving making them.


5 thoughts on “bag gram

  1. Sue Larson

    Maureen, your bags are adorable, and you do a great job. I have a new design in my head, you ready to help me bring into a real bag?


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